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From 19 to 23 September 2016 were held in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia DNA Mass Spectrometry Roadshow: "Effective Genomics: Using mass spectrometry technology in modern science and diagnostics”. Events were held in: Department of Human and Medical Genetics (Faculty of Medicine, Center for Medical Genetics, Vilnius , Lithuania); Pharmacy Faculty (Lithuanian University of Health Science in Kaunas, Lithuania); Life Science and Technology Institute (Daugavpils University, Latvia); Department of Biology and Microbiology (Rigas Stradins University, Latvia); Estonian Biocentre (Tartu, Estonia). This Roadshow gave the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences scientists from different research environments.

The lecturers during the event were:

Dr Piotr Grochowski "Effective Genomics: Using mass spectrometry technology in modern science and diagnostics" and “The future of nucleic acids diagnostics”

The DNA mass spectrometry roadshow was a project that takes leading speakers into scientists to talk about the latest advances in genetics. Topics include DNA mass spectrometry; SNP profiling; methylation profiling; gene expression analysis; and further bioinformatics analysis. Nucleic acid mass spectrometry (MS) is an ideal tool for the sensitive, quantitative analysis of DNA and RNA samples. MassARRAY can examine between 10 and 50 loci simultaneously depending on the sensitivity required in a particular assay. It has high sensitivity for minor alleles and can easily detect these down to a part per thousand in multiplexed assays. Among the most popular and powerful applications of this technology are complex germ line genetic assays, profiling if somatic mutations in solid and liquid cancer biopsies, detection of RNA transcripts from gene fusions or translocations and quantitative analysis of DNA methylation.

Prof. Tadeusz Malewski "From SNP to function and from function to treatment"

iPLEX module deliver plenty information about SNP but what are SNPs function? Comprehensive sites (eg. Ensembl www.ensembl.org; dbSNP www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP) host an organized, collective resource linking out to various tools providing information about gene structure, splice variants, regulatory elements, SNPs effect on protein function, phenotypic effects itd.. Assessing splicing variants is of extreme importance when dealing with eukaryotic genomes, primarily due to their direct relation with candidate gene transcription, and also the acute sensitivity of splicing sites to SNP variations.

On behalf of scientific & organizing committee we would like to say “thank you” our local organizers, partners and for all participants Baltics DNA Mass Spectrometry Roadshow.


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