Aperio AT2 – High Volume, Digital Whole Slide Scanning

Aperio AT2 – High Volume, Digital Whole Slide Scanning

Scanner for On-Screen Diagnosis

We understand that your slides are more than just glass, they hold the results that patients are waiting on. With its compact size, high capacity autoloader and optimal image quality, the Aperio AT2 slide scanner has set new standards in digital pathology.

Consistently delivering precise eSlides with an unparalleled low rescan rate and slides available for remote viewing in less than a minute, the Aperio AT2 is the ideal platform for high throughput clinical laboratories.

Aperio AT2 Key applications include:

  • High throughput for anatomic pathology
  • Tumor Boards / Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Meetings
  • Image Analysis
  • External sharing and collaboration (institution to institution)
  • Internal sharing (Hub & Spoke Network)and collaboration
  • Immune response to allografts and xenografts
  • ADME/Toxicology