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About Us

KAWA.SKA company is present on the Polish market since September 1999

Business profile

We are a supplier of innovative solutions for scientific and research centers in the field of biotechnology. As a trading company, our product portfolio includes devices and consumables used in biology, biophysics, molecular biology, biotechnology, environmental protection, molecular diagnostics, histopathology and quantum optics. We are a Polish company that has been operating for over 24 years. We represent , global brands on the domestic market, such as: Leica Microsystems, Leica Biosystems, PicoQuant, Kurabo, Agena Bioscience, Anathomic Solutions, Cerus, Indica Labs.


Slogan: “We teach. We advise. We support.” is the motto of our daily work. Our overriding goal is to provide substantive support to clients in making decisions that are satisfactory for them, regarding the purchase of research and development equipment that will be best suited and profiled in terms of their research.


Our future is development. Both the biotechnology market and the solutions we offer, as well as our team. We believe that thanks to the top-class equipment, professional service and substantive support of our specialists, clients receive comfort of work, repeatability of processes and credibility of results. We strive to be a reliable partner for our clients.


We believe that the key to success are the latest biotechnological solutions and people who see the potential of modernity. Our employees have extensive knowledge and skills in the field of offered solutions. We conduct microscopy training for our current clients, as well as for students and researchers who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of microscopy, imaging and to work on the most modern equipment on the market. Our authorized Leica service supports our customers during the installation of devices, as well as during the entire life of the devices purchased from us. As part of marketing activities, we participate in many conferences, seminars and workshops, thus wanting to meet your expectations and make it easier for you to get to know the systems and devices we offer. We are open to new markets and new interesting cooperation proposals.

The beginnings of the company through the eyes of the President

And how did it start? Imagine that although the company is only 24 years old, it all started almost 43 years ago, so in the last century. In 1980, I left the Medical Academy in Warsaw and started working for an American company. The company produced scientific, research and diagnostic equipment. The recipients of this highly specialized equipment were biologists (I am a biologist – geneticist), chemists, physicists, biophysicists and medical diagnosticians. At that time, access to the application knowledge and technology of Western research and diagnostic centers was very limited. This was the motive for my action aimed at bringing this knowledge and technical solutions closer to Polish users. This is how selling through education began. An American company allocated the appropriate funds for this and in the mid-1980s we started educational activities. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end sometimes. This was to be the case here. The company turned off the money tap. But I decided to continue my educational activities further. Education cannot be interrupted just like that. That is why KAWA.SKA was founded 24 years ago with the mission WE TEACH. WE ADVISE. WE SUPPORT., which sets the direction of our activity to this day. Have we been successful? I will say immodestly: Yes. We managed to survive crises, overcome difficulties and start another year of existence and activity. The success of our company would not be possible without the wonderful people around. Clients with a vision and willingness to conduct new research, employees with charisma, knowledge and willingness to work, and a family with holy patience. Many, many thanks. I wish us all success together for the next 20 years.

Marian Kawczyński

President of the Management Board of KAWA.SKA